Thursday, October 09, 2014

Lunch @ Hua Ting

Initially, we wanted high tea buffet after my work. Atlas, most high tea buffet ends at 5:00pm. As such, we decided to postpone it to a Dim sum lunch! My parents chose Hua Ting for its wonderful reviews and awesome variety of Dim Sum. We were definitely not disappointed! Too bad for Angie, my brother's girlfriend! She missed the entire meal as she could not wake up in time!! >.<

Such a scrumptious feast!! We were filled to the very brink. Baby had 2 servings of chicken feet!! Mummy was delighted as finally, someone else in the family appreciates chicken feet as much as her! :)

A whole picture dedicated to the amazing custard bun!! It's so thick and creamy.. Mmmmm. De-licious!! Unfortunately, baby and I felt that the siew Mai here was not as good as that of Tim Ho Wan. But it's okay!! Everything else was uber-satisfying!!

Another long lunch with mummy and daddy! :)

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Humans need love, acceptance and security to grow and evolve. Our relationships are a way of satisfying those human needs. Study after study has shown what happens to babies that are isolated from human love, acceptance and security. We never outgrow that need. To be physically and emotionally alone in a committed relationship is unbearable because the hope of connection is lost. –Mary Jo Rapini


Tuesday, June 24, 2014


"Hi I have a daughter, she is down with the flu, do you have anything for her?"

"Does she have runny and blocked nose? Any fever? Any cough? Sore throat? Phlegm? How old is your kid, and what's her weight?"

"Runny and blocked nose, watery eyes, slight fever. No cough as yet. 15 kg"

"Okay, you may try this, and this." Rattling the doses off when calculated against her weight, the parent looked a little bewildered.

Without hesitation, I took a label and started writing the doses on it, and then passed it to the parent with a smile.

No questions asked, the patient took the medication, and looked straight into my eye, "Thank you so much for your help"

I feel so thankful for patients who actually take my word for it, instead of treating me like a medication promoter. Although this tend to be Caucasians, nonetheless, they make my day a little easier to get by!


Sunday, July 21, 2013

Each day I go to sleep heartbroken, I lose a little faith. One day, there'll be none left and that's the end.


Tuesday, July 02, 2013


Again as the day draws nearer, I start to wonder. Was it the right decision?

I realised him proposing in public did not really give me any choice at all. I had no choice but to say yes. Well, not that I could say anything in the first place - we were underwater.

What are his good points? He cooks. He is funny, adorable, and looks good. He says sorry sometimes.

What are his weak points? He is apathetic. He is self-centered, pampered, and obnoxious. He has double standards, for himself as well as for others.

I can't imagine that for the rest of my life.

Will there come a time where I'll be crying in the corner, with no one to comfort me?
Will there come a time where I'll be sick at home, with no one to look after me?
Will there be a time where I'm lost at work, with no one to support me?
Will there be a time where I'm demoralised, with no one to encourage me?
Will there be a time where I'm in doubt, with no one to assure me?

So far, he has yet to fulfill any of the above despite many chances. Multiple chances in fact.

If he is not capable of it now, what makes me think he would be capable of the above in the future? Am I to take his word seriously?

What then, if his words all come to naught.

It's me that suffers right? I'm a girl. Ultimately, it's always a girl that suffers in a broken marriage - especially so in an asian marriage.

When his parents goes overseas, I try to make sure he has dinner every night - but he does not know the importance of that gesture. He does not appreciate the meaning behind the question, have you had your dinner yet?

I buy for him breakfast when I find out that he hasn't had dinner - although I'm mad at him. Yet, he saves it for lunch. Again, my efforts are futile. My kindhearted gesture slapping me in my face.

When I say I would sms him before I sleep - I really do. When I say I would text him - I really do. I text him in the morning, I text him at night before I sleep. Why isn't there a guy that would reciprocate my thoughtfullness? Is it so hard to just type a message? Does the phone weigh a ton that it takes some almighty effort to lift it and key a few words?

Does it kill him to put just a little more soul into our relationship? His impatience wears me out. I am not God. I do not have an infinite amount of patience to spare. He expects me to answer his messages, but not the other way round.

Maybe I have invested more into this relationship and thus, expects more in return. I want to feel loved too. Loved in a sweet way. Loved in a way where I say I have a temp of 40 degrees, he would be concern and at least ask how am I feeling. Loved in a way where if I do not have dinner, he would be concern and remind me to take my dinner. Loved in a way where I get greeted in the morning everyday whether I'm physically there or not. Loved in a way where I do not have to say anything, and he would just go out of his way to make me happy - just as I would for him.

Just as how I would drive down to his house if he is upset. Just as how I would buy breakfast for him if he says he is hungry the night before. Just as how I would intentionally arrive at work earlier to buy coffee for him. Just as how I would borrow my dad's car to chaffeur him from work or from RT. Just as how I would get anxious and worried when he is sick. Just as how I would be upset too if he is upset..

But my feelings are not reciprocated. When I'm upset, he ignores. When I'm flustered, he ignores. When I'm angry, he gets angry and ignores. When I'm lost, he points out the obvious and isn't assuring.

When I trip and fall - he says I'm so clumsy instead of asking if I'm okay.
When I have a fever of 40 degrees - he calmly eats his lunch 2 storeys above me instead of visiting me

What have I got myself into?


Tuesday, June 04, 2013

I used to watch those love movies and think to myself - that's so cheesy. Now, I dread those love movies, for I know my life will never be like that. As much as I yearn, as I crave, I know that a romantic experience is probably not one I will experience.

Am I settling, or am I compromising?
Will I live a life of regrets?
Do I live, just for those few moments of happiness?
What happens if one day, I never escape.
What happens if one day, I fail to convince myself.
What happens if one day, those moments of happiness disappear.

So, am I settling, or am I compromising?


Monday, January 28, 2013


Totally disappointed. It happened not once, not twice, no thrice, but I do not know who many times now. When the phone rang, I thought, wow! He's calling to ask me how I am, but woah and behold, it was the other round.

Not only was he NOT calling to ask me how I was, but he called to express disappointment. For one, I thought it was pretty logical that I would place it in his locker downstairs, rather than the one upstairs, because, WHY THE HELL WOULD I TAKE IT OUT TO PLACE IT IN THE LOCKER NEXT TO ITS ORIGINAL POSITION?! Honestly. And secondly, it was YOUR fault for assuming and not checking.

So here I am again, sick at home, but his nonchalant attitude is cheesing me off. And the fact that this has occurred more than once despite me pointing it out to him before, I am not only utterly disappointed, but I am also tired. Forget it, I'm just going to silent my phone and sleep the night away. Who cares about him anyway? Until the day he changes, I think I will definitely have to reconsider.

What's the point of a partner who does not show care and concern when you're sick?